Dannis (Xiaotian Wu)

Kevin Singer

I had a marvelous and truthful conversation with Kevin Singer. Hope you will enjoy this episode.  Kevin Singer is husband to Brittany of seven years and father to four children (5, 4, 2, and 2 months). He is co-founder of Neighborly Faith, an initiative which asks, "What would it would for people of other religions to see evangelical Christians as the most hospitable and loving members of their society?" He is a PhD student at North Carolina State University, where he works with the IDEALS project, a national study of college students' experiences with religious diversity. In addition to his doctoral work, Kevin teaches world religion and philosophy courses for two Chicagoland-area community colleges. 

Dannis (Xiaotian Wu)

Xiaotian (Dennis) Wu, a 4th-year PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College under Professor Ryan Halter. I do work in surgical image guidance, specifically working with an ENT surgeon on medical device design and studying tissue deformations during surgery to better provide navigation for the surgeons. 

Testimonial: It was a great honor to be interviewed by you. I thought you asked very open-ended questions that weren't biased, and you allowed me to take it where I wanted to.

Thank you again for doing this, I think people all over need to listen to each other more and your project is a great way to get the much needed conversations and perspective-exchanges started!


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Guests with talents 2018

Sunayana Kachroo Bhide

I had the privilege to have a conversation with Sunayana Kachroo Bhide, a poetess, dialogue and story writer in addition to many other hats she wears. 

She was born and brought up in Kashmir, she has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Pune University. She moved to USA in 2000 for work and been here ever since. Currently lives in Boston area.

Her first poem was published at the age of 15, She continued writing and exploring different forms of poetic expressions like Kavita, English Poems, Nazms and Dohe. Her love of music triggered her interest in poetry.

Songs by Sunayana:

  1. Kuch Baaqi hai by Sonu Nigam for Half Widow
  2. Baras Jaa, Door baitha piya, ekal song- Anuradha Palakurthi
  3. Tera Haath- Hrishikesh Ranade-2009 SaReGaMaPa - Marathi winner
  4. Pyar main nadaan- Jasraj Joshi-2-13- SaReGaMaPa- Winner

Paresh Motiwala

This week, I am delighted to introduce you to Paresh Motiwala,  

Paresh is a Boston resident for 22 years now. He works as a DBA Manager at Nuance Communications.  He is more popularly known for his work as a Public Speaking Coach for children and beauty pageant contestants. He occasionally sings for non-profit organizations and moonlights as a photographer. He has also been to Jordan on an interfaith mission and instantly loved by lovely children there. Paresh is married to Bhavana Motiwala for 31 years and she runs a daycare. They have two children, (soon to be Dr. and) Mrs. Henal Fernandes-Motiwala and  a son, Punit Motiwala who's a sophomore in UML. Bhavana and Paresh together run Circles of Growth Corp where they live out their dreams of running Day Care services and a Speech & Debate club.

Latif Rasheed

Latif Rasheed has been working is a licensed Psychotherapist who has been working in the field of  Mental Health for the past 23 years, and in the area of Emergency Mental Health for nearly 17 years most recently.  He attended graduate school at the University of the District of Columbia obtaining a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling in 1995.  

Latif has been trained and certified in a number of therapeutic modalities, including but not limited to: EMDR, TFT-dx, Medical Qi-Gong, VKD, TIR, and Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym).  Latif was also certified as a Work-place Stress Prevention Facilitator by Yale University’s School of Medicine in Sept. 2006 and was later certified as a mediator in the same year by a Bethesda Maryland based community organization (Mediation Matters).

For 14 years, Latif worked as a Crisis Interventionist for a grant funded agency, providing emergency mental health services in both Prince George’s County and Anne Arundel County. Presently, he is the Program Coordinator and psychotherapist for the Employee Assistance Program for a local County Fire & EMS Department.  He provides, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, and short-term therapy to all department personnel and sees private clients many of whom are Muslim in his private practice.

Akhtari Alam

I am thrilled and honored to introduce you to Akhtari Alam, a women full of life and amazing experiences that an average person might not be able to imagine. Her journey of migration from Asian Sub-continent to the nation of immigrants has heart wrenching ebb and flows. I had the privilege to speak with her in Urdu, you can use the caption to convert it into Urdu where ever it is available.

Akhtari Alam did her MS from Dacca University,East Pakistan (now Bangladesh ) in microbiology with top position. She came to USA
in the end of 1970. Worked at Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston in microbiology department for over 43 years. She worked for last 23 years as lead person in Mycology, which included routine mycology and teaching technologists and interns. Alam Has done many workshops in mycology. Retired four years ago and enjoying it very much.

Muneeza Nasrullah

Muneeza's Philosophy: There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent real estate professional – integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, effective negotiation skills and a high-quality professional network, all of which are hallmarks of how I work.   That said, in my experience as a real estate professional, I’ve also found that providing the very best service is essentially about putting my clients first. This means keeping myself accessible, being a good listener as well as a good communicator, and responding quickly to your needs.   This “client first” philosophy has always been my approach and it requires me to continually improve my skills and ways of doing business. In addition, I’ve found that the latest technologies are enabling me to do everything I’ve always done, only much more quickly and efficiently. They’ve also helped me to extend the range of services I provide to my clients.   So when you decide that you’d like to buy or sell a home in the Metrowest/Worcester, or Greater Boston areas, please contact me

Dilara Sayeed

Dilara’s very first memories are of playing double-dutch and hopscotch on the playground, and her graduation from the Head Start preschool program for low-income children in Chicago. She is a product of Chicago Public Schools and a Catholic high school. These experiences have fueled Dilara’s ambition for equity, high quality, and accountability for all our residents – youth and adults, especially in vulnerable and developing communities.

Adjunct professor at Northwestern University and teaches school leadership.
Tech entrepreneur and founder of vPeer, an online virtual mentoring platform that focuses on accessible and effective professional mentoring for all, especially women, professionals-of-color, and those from low-income communities.
Fulbright Specialist in Education and Technology.
As an eighth grade teacher for over a decade, she focused on race and pluralism issues in the United States.
As Chief Education Officer at the Golden Apple Foundation, she led strategy and execution of all programming. 

Guests with courage, strength, and wisdom 2018

Kausar Qidwai

Kausar Qidwai

I am thrilled and excited to introduce Kausar Qidwai, born in Karachi, Pakistan, received her Master's degree in Microbiology and works in the field of Clinical Research. A mother who loves to enjoy her time, sing, and discuss all the topics of the world with her two children.

Her love for music and poetry keeps her in the zone of musical gatherings. Her favorite quote is:
Some see things as they are and say why...I dream things that never were and say why not.

She works for a device company and am primarily involved in monitoring of clinical trials. She has over 10 years of experience in clinical research and continue to be in awe of the remarkable strives her organization makes everyday. For the past five years her focus has 

Maxine Lyons

This week I am pleased to introduce my guest Maxine Lyons, MS, who was a professional educator with older adults for most of her 30+ year career, facilitating groups in northern CA and in the Boston area for diverse ethnic and faith groups. For the past years, she has been actively involved in CMM as a board member and Co-chair of the RUAH Interfaith Spirituality Program Committee, and acting as “spiritual accompaniment" with homeless individuals through several Boston-area organizations.
She has been happily married to Len Lyons for 40+years, (a writer and jazz pianist and teacher of jazz history), and mother of two wonderful and creative children.

Mona Ahmad

Mona Ahmad

My guest this week is Mona Ahmad, founder and owner of Mona's Curryations - A real Estate Agent and much much more... 

In her words while talking about Mona's Curryations "I never had the opportunity to be so expressive in my life.” So don't miss listening to her.


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn about you and myself today!  You made me feel very comfortable and I enjoyed the causal and spontaneous nature of our discussion.  I wish you all the best and thank you for the time and honor for being one of your invited guests!  

Asif Masood


Asif Masood has a Masters Degree in Transformational Leadership and Coaching. He has been learning and teaching social / emotional intelligence skills for the past five years. He is part of the Interfaith group at MCC and recently lead an Interfaith trip to Houston to help rebuild. He is a Principal Architect by trade.

Air Gellegos


Air Gallegos, Director of Student Programs and Curriculum:

 Air Gallegos began her career as a middle school English teacher at Strive Preparatory Schools in Denver, Colorado. She lived in Denver for five years and served as a member of a curriculum design team and as a cultural responsive teaching lead, where she dedicated her energy to bringing culturally responsive teaching methods into classrooms. In 2014, she transitioned to Smart High School where she continued teaching literature to 9th-11th grade students as well as serving her school as an instructional coach and professional development lead. She is trained in non-violent communication, stress resilience, culturally responsive teaching and has worked as a social justice advocate within education for the last ten years.


"I met Shua at an interfaith anti-bullying summit, and we were immediately drawn together because of our work.  It was a blessing to speak with Shua, and it provided me the time to reflect on how, as an educator, I am supporting parents- all the way to- what the meaning of my life and work.  The work that Shua is doing for our community is truly meaningful, and it was a pleasure to be interviewed for her."

Guests with courage, strength, and wisdom 2018

Fatima Masood


  • Fatima Masood has been in the Field of Education since past 15 years. She holds a Masters in Special Education. Has worked in Marlboro Township Public schools and was a Sunday school Principal for 5 years In OLD Bridge Community. Eventually helping establish a full time Islamic School in the Old Bridge community. She was Principal of ICOB Academy for 8 years. She helped organize many community related events. Her passion is working for various charities and building bridges with interfaith groups. She has 3 grown daughters who are married and have professional careers.

Lubna Malik


  • "Life is a journey – we enter from one door and exit via another. The way we make the trip determines our legacy. I want to share what I have learnt and what I am learning with my children. Because it is in giving that we connect with others, with the world and with Allah. It is by spending ourselves that we become rich. What would be the point of having experience, knowledge, or talent if we don’t give it away? Of being blessed with prosperity if we don’t share it. I feel that this has given me consistency in my belief, my work, and the way I lead my life. "

Burton L. Visotzky

Burton L. Visotzky serves as Appleman Professor of Midrash and Interreligious Studies at The Jewish Theological Seminary, where he joined the faculty upon his ordination as rabbi in 1977. Visotzky was a dean of Gershon Kekst Graduate School and founding rabbi of the egalitarian worship service of the Seminary Synagogue. He now serves as the Louis Stein Director of the Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies at JTS, charged with programs on public policy. Dr. Visotzky also directs the Milstein Center for Interreligious Dialogue at JTS. 

Amy Degen


Amy was born in New Jersey and moved to Ridgefield, Connecticut at 7 yrs. old.   Graduated from Wheaton College with a Degree in Sociology.  She was a tenant and community organizer in Mission Hill, Boston before getting her M.R.P. (Masters in Regional Planning) from Cornell University.  She worked on affordable housing for ten years at community development corporations in Somerville, Chinatown and Roxbury Massachusetts.

Since 2006 she has been a Holocaust Educator trained by Facing History and Ourselves.  She has also taught religious school for 15 yrs.  She has been on the Board of her synagogue as well as served on many committees chairing several.  She is a past President of her Hadassah chapter.  She is the chair of the Check it Out Hadassah program which has educated over 16,000 students about the health risks of breast and testicular cancer.

She currently is a member of the Boston chapter of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom and on the board of the Groton Interfaith Council and The Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation.

She is married to Joshua Degen for 31 yrs. and has two daughters.

Jagjeevan Kaur Ruitenberg

President and CEO at Ruitenberg Lind Design Group, meet this week's energetic, vibrant, and free spirited guest, mother of two, Jagjeevan kaur Ruitenberg.

She believes that there is nothing more important than gratitude for everything in life, doesn't matter what you are facing. She does not let anything dampen her spirits. Her passion and approach to parenting, her business, and Sikh community is worth listening. She is born Jewish and converted into Sikhism. Don't miss the story of her conversion and how she lives her life to the fullest.


Sumi Mukherjee

Sumi Mukherjee, a extremely courageous author and speaker Sumi Mukherjee published his first book titled “A Life Interrupted – the story of my battle with bullying and obsessive compulsive disorder” in July 2011. A new version of his book was published by Mountain Springs House in Jan 2014. His second book, published by Mountain Springs House in July 2014, is titled “Father Figure – my mission to prevent child sexual abuse”. His third book titled “How to stand up to workplace bullying and take on an unjust employer” was published by Marfa House in Jan 2017. Since October of 2011, Sumi has been speaking to hundreds of people around the country so others can benefit from his stories.

Guests with Strength, courage and wisdom

Rev. Rodney Petersen (Jan 17th)

Executive Director of Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries. 

(Rev.) Rodney L. Petersen, Ph.D. is Executive Director of Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries (Boston), and Executive Director of The Lord’s Day Alliance in the U.S., and a Research 

  • Associate at Boston University School of Theology. He is formerly Executive Director of The Boston Theological Institute (BTI), the consortium of theological schools, seminaries, and university divinity schools in the Greater Boston area. 

Celene Ibrahim

Celene Ibrahim is an award-winning scholar, author, speaker, and university chaplain. She lectures and facilitates workshops at universities, theaters, libraries, houses of worship, non-profit organizations, companies, and town halls throughout the country and internationally on topics related to Islamic history, contemporary Muslim life, and women's religious leadership.

Testimonial:  “It is always good to think deeper, so thank you for this.”

Danish Husain

Danish Hussain, is a well-known theatre personality and a writer. 

Danish Husain is a poet, actor, filmmaker, theatre director, columnist, one of the people who helped revive the lost art form of Urdu storytelling, Dastangoi.

Jenney Bonham-Carter

A Social Worker, Musician, Interfaith Practitioner. 

  •  My first experience of interfaith work started about five and a half years ago. I was then in the middle of doing my masters degree in human rights at the university of Uppsala in Sweden and I was planning for the semester of field work. I did this with a youth interfaith organization in Sweden called ”Together for Sweden” and when the field work semester was over I stayed involved and partly employed in the project pretty much until we moved from Sweden to the US last spring. 

Pardeep Singh Kaleka

Pardeep is the eldest son of Satwant Singh Kaleka – the president of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, who was gunned down during the attacks of August 5th, 2012.  Pardeep grew up in Milwaukee and graduated from Marquette University.

Being a former Milwaukee Police Officer and a current teacher in the inner city – Pardeep is no stranger to the never ending battle against racism, bigotry, and ignorance.  He firmly believes that the lamp of knowledge and truth will outshine all the darkness in the world, and does his best to profess this through his work with Serve 2 Unite.

Testimonial: “Talking to you is like talking to a friend. The questions were good regarding parents and liked about how it feels to be parent, and how do you heal and all the questions were good, so keep them” 

Guests - With strength courage and wisdom - diverse people!

Dr. Joseph Kelley

  • Professor Joseph Kelley at Merrimack College is a Religious and Theological Studies Professor and Co-chair; Director, Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations Religious and Theological Studies Since his arrival at Merrimack in 1974, Joseph Kelley has also served as provost, vice president for mission, vice president for student life and director of campus ministry. He has taught theology and religious studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Merrimack and elsewhere. 

Testimonial:  “I enjoyed it, having good conversation is important."

Mahmud Jafri

Dover Rugs, Owner. 

Mahmud Jafri named one of the 50 most influential people in New England. 

  • In addition to consistently being recognized for the impressive growth of his business, Dover Rug & Home, Mr. Jafri has also received accolades for his commitment to community development and educating and promoting a better understanding of his culture and heritage.

Zeba Jafri

Home Engineer and Owner of Dover Rugs

Arno Michaelis

  • From the age of 17 Arno Michaelis was deeply involved in the white power movement. He was a founding member of what became the largest racist skinhead organization in the world, a reverend of self-declared Racial Holy War, and lead singer of the race-metal band Centurion, selling over 20,000 CDs to racists round the world. Today he is a speaker, author of My Life After Hate