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Do you think every person can be a parent? Why or why not?

Podcast LightupwithShua

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Podcast at your fingertips.Time is precious, irreversible and a non-renewable resource. Spend your time on listening to lightupwithshua. An information resource to solve our issues, manage our differences, a multidimensional source worth your time!


Why this Podcast

This podcast is about the art of conscious living and conscious parenting. You will watch and hear interviews of the people from all walks of life. They will share their experiences and expertise. You will get insights of how to decode various relationships with sustainable life skills. I along with my interviewees, will educate the listener about healthy lifestyles, forgiveness and reconciliation, conflict transformation, and entrepreneurial hacks. Every episode has a message of hope and happiness. Tips and skills for a fulfilling lifestyle.

Exercise, Reiki, meditation, and breathing practices have been a major part of my routine and practice. That is why, reaching the zone of conscious living does take time and patience. So, I hope you will join me in this journey and learning. 

NOTE: This podcast provides Urdu language episodes as well.

 Brief Bio:

Shua Khan Arshad is an Adjunct Professor at Merrimack College, N. Andover, MA, USA. An Associate at the Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations, at Merrimack College as well. She is a Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries (CMM) Executive Board Member and is the President of Groton Interfaith Council (GIC).  She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United States of America. Mrs. Shua Arshad speaks frequently on Intercultural & Interfaith panels, forums and conducts events on Interfaith & intercultural understanding.  

Ms. Arshad is the founder of the podcast "Light Up with Shua,” on conscious living and parenting. She has been a consultant for International Programs and Partnerships at Tufts University, MA. She achieved the level of Reiki Master, and an ardent practitioner of Pranayama (breathing), meditation & Yoga since more than 13 years. She has attained First Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do - Marlboro, New Jersey. 

Ms. Arshad received her degrees from Rutgers State University for a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Studies and did her M.A. from Lesley University in Intercultural Relations, Cambridge, MA, USA.

As a healer, she is strong proponent and practitioner of alternative medicine and therapies, healthy lifestyle, healthy cooking, environmental preservation, and an avid recycler. 

The Goldziher Prize Advisor

TV channel

My interviewees are parents and people from all walks of life with diverse multicultural backgrounds. You will watch and hear young people not necessarily married or with children. You will hear conversations and view points, their experiences, their struggles and triumphs in life. Most importantly, with every episode, there will be a message of hope!  The interviews are aired on my youtube channel and The Groton Channel. So stay connected and watch/listen lightupwithshua episodes every week. 

Travel & Experience

In 2019, I have added my travel segments. Hope you are enjoying them. Feel free to send your feedback and preferences of which is your favorite show. 


Founder & Host - Shua 

Audio Editor - Raaid Najeeb 

Photo Credit - Shua

About Food & Health

Health & Yourself

What is important for you? 

I believe that with conscious living comes conscious eating. What you put in your body is part of your healthy conscious living.  As a parent, cooking food has been one of the important practice that I did along with everything else that was required for me to be high performing parent.

There is power & healing in food. Do not underestimate it!


Coming soon: Download PDF


Pakistani Dishes with creative fusion. The pictures that you see are cooked by me. 

About me & you

You are important!

All of you who are listening and watching LUWS podcast are supporting me and my goal to educate one another. And I thank you for it. Keep listening, sharing, and providing your feed back. 

I am here to serve as a coach, teacher, and educator to focus on conscious living & parenting. To awaken the importance of intercultural and interfaith etiquette and how we can learn about it. How you can interact with Muslims or people from other cultures. I am a speaker and a practitioner on Islam and interfaith relations. I grew up with people from multicultural faiths and backgrounds , lived and worked in three major regions of our world - Middle East, South Asia and America.  


This is the place to connect for all the beneficial information regarding conscious parenting and living. In addition to these topics, you will find me connecting to Native American communities who are closer to the Mother Nature, and live a more conscious and aware life. 

I provide Reiki healing services locally and long distance. 

For more information please contact me at

I am a Reiki Master, NLP certified, and Yoga/meditation/breathing practitioner since more than 15 years. 

Podcast Content

You will be thrilled with the shows and topics that are lined up through this podcast for this year and onwards. Under the umbrella of conscious living, I am providing meaningful content that shall benefit you and make a positive difference in your life. This content that you have not seen before from a trilingual, brown, Muslim -Pakistani - American human being, should add a value to your knowledge and learning. 

A healthy cooking  & Hikmat (Alternative) practitioner since more than 25 years.  

Season 2 beginning in Nov/Dec 2018