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This podcast is about the art of conscious living and conscious parenting. You will watch and hear interviews of the people from all walks of life. They will share their experiences and expertise. You will get insights of how to decode various relationships with sustainable life skills. I along with my interviewees, will educate the listener about healthy lifestyles, forgiveness and reconciliation, conflict transformation, and entrepreneurial hacks. Every episode has a message of hope and happiness. 

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My interviewees will not only be parents but people from all walks of life with diverse multicultural backgrounds. You will watch and hear young people not necessarily married or have children. They will be talking about their experiences, their struggles and their triumphs and struggles in life, . Most importantly, with every episode, there will be a message of hope!  The interviews are aired on my youtube channel and The Groton Channel. So stay connected and watch/listen lightupwithshua episodes every week. 


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All of you who are listening and watching LUWS podcast are supporting me and my goal to educate one another. And I thank you for it. Keep listening, sharing, and providing your feed back. 


This is the place to connect for all the beneficial information regarding conscious parenting and living. 

This is what you have been waiting for!

You will be thrilled with the shows and topics that are lined up through this podcast for this year and onwards. Under the umbrella of conscious living, I will bring you amazing content that you will use it and be happy to share it.  

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