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Podcast at your fingertips.Time is precious, irreversible and a non-renewable resource. Spend your time on listening to lightupwithshua. An information resource never heard before, a multidimensional source worth your time!

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About Us

Why this Podcast

 This podcast is all about the art of conscious living and parenting. The interviewees are from all walks of life to share their experiences, skills, and expertise about conscious living. You will get insights of how to be literate on this very important skill that we all assume is an innate one but requires a lot of deliberate thought and action.  


TV channel

  • My interviewees will not only be parents but people from all walks of life with diverse multicultural backgrounds. They will be talking about their experiences, their struggles and their triumphs of parenting. Most importantly, with every episode, there will be a message of hope!  The interviews will be aired on youtube channel and other broadcast channels soon. So stay connected and watch for more upcoming exciting episodes.


Shua - Founder & Host 

Raaid Najeeb - Audio Editor

Nukhbat Malik - Homepage photo Credit