The Art of
Conscious Living & Parenting Podcast


The Art of
Conscious Living & Parenting Podcast



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Why lightupwithshua podcast?


About the Podcast

 As'salam u Alaiqum (Peace be with you) and greetings!

My name is Shua and I am the founder and host of lightupwithshua, a weekly podcast available for you every Wednesday on conscious living and conscious parenting.

What is this podcast:

This is a bilingual podcast. Season 1 went so fast and learned a lot about myself and how much I enjoy learning from experts on my podcast. Season 2 has started with younger interviewees  in Urdu as well. Shared some of my journey in Pakistan. Hope you will enjoy this season as you enjoyed season 1.

LightupwithShua podcast is for people like you and me, who are full of life, always learning, striving to get better and move on to mastery.

Who are the guests:

You will watch and  listen to my guests from Native American tribes, African Americans, Pakistani Americans, Jewish Americans, Indian Americans, Swedish Americans, Pakistani-Muslim-Norwegians, Pakistanis, and Arabs, and many more to come. 

What is the result of listening?

My podcast may help people who are willing to evolve and grow by listening to rich conversations from people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Who have the capacity to welcome differing view points and ethnic backgrounds. You and I can learn to solve, transform our problems and issues by listening to the stories of amazing individuals from all age groups, all kinds of professions, cultures, and ethnicities. 

I believe that someone, somewhere will benefit from these fascinating conversations, receive tips, techniques, ideas, and extremely beneficial life skills doesn't matter who you are. This is to serve you! You shall get results!

While growing up

When I was much younger, I would have liked to listen or watched similar programs where I could hear diverse viewpoints from multicultural backgrounds and learn from the amazing resource of people that exists out in our world. I believe this is convenient for all those of  you who are unable to travel for whatever reason and can benefit from this valuable information and skills available to you through smart devices and other smart technology today. 

Does LUWS makes you think?

In addition to you learning, benefiting and getting results from our conversations on LUWS - lightupwithshua, my esteemed interviewees have expressed that my thoughtful questions provides them the opportunity to think about things they never thought before or didn’t articulate it the way they do during our interviews. My goal is to make a constructive positive improvement in all aspects of your life. 

Are the results long lasting?

Some of my guests have expressed that their time with me during these interviews will help them to further ponder and transcend through similar issues discussed. So, my hope is that you will also think about the questions and our conversations in ways that will benefit you. When genuine, honest, and authentic conversations take place, the RESULTS can be unimaginable.

Do I enjoy what I do?

Absolutely! Regular listeners of this podcast must have gathered that I am enjoying the process of meeting people and learning about them. For me, interviewing people is like reading a book. Each guest is like a chapter of a book, interesting, fascinating and owner of captivating stories.

Who is this for:

The LUWS podcast is for people who are open to the possibilities and ready to learn. Who are not necessarily parents but know that parenting is not only a biological process but we parent our lives all the time. For beautiful souls looking to find any opportunity to broaden their horizon, challenge their limits and share their knowledge and experiences. Thank you for listening and watching. And if you like this podcast or any episode, please feel free to send me your feedback!

Brief Bio

  • Shua Khan Arshad is an Adjunct Professor at Merrimack College, N. Andover, MA, USA. An Associate at the Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations, at Merrimack College as well. She is a Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries (CMM) Executive Board Member and is the Ex-President of Groton Interfaith Council (GIC).  She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United States of America. Mrs. Shua Arshad speaks frequently on Intercultural & Interfaith panels, forums and conducts events on Interfaith & intercultural understanding.  
  • Ms. Arshad is the founder of the podcast "Light Up with Shua,” on conscious living and parenting. She has been a consultant for International Programs and Partnerships at Tufts University, MA. She achieved the level of Reiki Master, and an ardent practitioner of Pranayama (breathing), meditation & Yoga since more than 13 years. She has attained First Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do - Marlboro, New Jersey. 
  • Ms. Arshad received her degrees from Rutgers State University for a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Studies and did her M.A. from Lesley University in Intercultural Relations, Cambridge, MA, USA.
  • As a healer, she is strong proponent and practitioner of alternative medicine and therapies, healthy lifestyle, healthy cooking, environmental preservation, and an avid recycler. 
  • The Goldziher Prize Advisor

TV channel


My interviewees are parents and people from all walks of life with diverse multicultural backgrounds. You will watch and hear young guests on my shows not necessarily married or with children. You will hear conversations and view points, their experiences, their struggles and triumphs in life. Most importantly, with every episode, there will be a message of hope!  The interviews are aired on my youtube channel and The Groton Channel. So stay connected and watch/listen lightupwithshua episodes every week. 

Travel & Experience

In 2019, I have added my travel segments. Hope you are enjoying them. Feel free to send your feedback and preferences of which is your favorite show. 


Raaid Najeeb Arshad.

Founder & Host - Shua 

Photo Credit - Shua                             

Websitemaster - Shua

Content Editor - Shua & Shaan Hameed Khan

Audio Editor - Raaid Najeeb  Arshad

*This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License*


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Podcast at your fingertips.Time is precious, irreversible and a non-renewable resource. Spend your time on listening to lightupwithshua. An information resource to solve your issues and manage your differences, a multidimensional source worth your time!


The views and opinions expressed by the guests of lightupwithshua podcast are those of the guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Shua or lightupwithshua podcast. Any content provided by me, my guests, our bloggers or authors are of  their opinion, and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.